Institutional Licensing

Institutional Licenses allow high schools, colleges, and Universities to provide full access to Virtually Vocal for all registered voice students and voice faculty for one low annual fee. In addition, teachers are provided with support and a custom teaching dashboard that allows them to easily assign repertoire to their students and track progress, upload their own exercises and accompaniments, request new songs to be added to the VV Accompaniment Library, and manage their voice studio at no extra cost.

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Pricing for universities and institutions

Tier 1 1-29 $450
Tier 2 30-59 $600
Tier 3 60-119 $750
Tier 4 120-139 $900

* Schools with more than 139 students will priced seperately. Inquire for specific pricing.

Cutting EDGE Technology

First of its kind technology that helps your students develop their vocal repertoire and performance technique.

24/7 Virtual Accompanist

Virtual Accompanist available to your students anytime using any desktop, mobile device or tablet.

Melody “Teach” Tracks

Melody emphasized tracks that make students at-home practicing more efficient and save valuable studio time.

Unique Resource Tools

Expertly compiled research material including song facts, lyric sheets, word-for-word translations, character breakdowns, live video clips and sheet music links, all of which ensure that your students show up to class prepared and ready to work.